How to import existing installation in Instelatron in Cpanel?

Step 1:

let’s start by looking at installs that might already be in your hosting account, but not currently managed by Installatron. You may have migrated your account manually and setup those files and databases yourself to get the application online. Installatron makes it easy to add an existing application from your account. You start by logging into cPanel and clicking on the application you’d like to import into Installatron:

Step 2:

Once you’ve found the application you want to import instead of clicking the “Install” button you’re going to click the dropdown beside it and choose import existing install.

Since we’re assuming the application is already in your hosting account you’ll select from this account as the location.

Now all you have to do is tell Installatron what the URL of the install is and it will automatically read the install information and import it into your account. Once that’s done you can take advantage of all the great Installatron features with your application.

Put Domain name where you want import and directory  name in which directory you want install  and click on import.

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