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WordPress is a popular and very powerful platform for creating websites. The platform is free and there are many plugins where you can create a website with the desired functionality, and can be used for almost any type of website, from an e-commerce store to a blog.

With Joydigital’s capabilities  you do not have to worry about wasting hours setting up your site from scratch!

You can start  now .

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Fast server
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Number of domains
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Install WordPress in one click
Management panel: cPanel
WEB mail interface
Antivirus and anti-spam

Install WordPress in One  click
Setting up a WordPress system has never been easier. In our convenient management panel you can set up a WordPress site immediately, with the click of a button, in addition – you can set with one click a temporary address for immediate work (even before the real domain connection) with which you can already start working on your site.

Website Duplication Tool
No more tangling or the need for installations and rework. Using this tool you can duplicate an entire website, including a database and files quickly and efficiently, and of course with the click of a button copy it to another package in your account and thus create an especially easy life for yourself as designers and professionals

Tests and Production

Your development time is very valuable, so we designed and developed the development environment tool for you, which allows you to make all the changes and upgrades on your site on a development environment, if everything is fine – go to production at the click of a button only when you feel ready.

Automatic backup tools

We put our customers first and the importance of keeping a backup of their information. Therefore we provide the ability to back up the sites, all the files can be restored or only some of them and / or the database. In addition, manual backup if necessary.

And dozens of other benefits that will save you time and money.