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Like Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Airbnb, Apple, your websites can also benefit from the performance and reliability of the world’s largest cloud!

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Attached is a video tutorial that will help you Install and manage easily

For the specific section on how to join, without an introduction on what is storage and what is a domain, you can click directly to minute 5:20

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Why host a website with Joydigital?

Web hosting on reliable and powerful servers, domain registration, help for beginners and professionals – immediate start.

Website Acceleration!

Transfer your website for free!

If you already have a website, we will gladly transfer it to Joy Digital’s servers

Security for your site!

Buying a domain is the beginning
of creating your own digital business


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Excellent service! Much more than expected, close escort Daniel, kind and patient, very professional Highly recommend
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Excellent service champion
Yochi Tsitsoshvili
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I work with Joy Digital and am really satisfied! The way they work, provide service and explain to me in a way that I can really understand amazes me. Unlike any company I've worked with before
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Fast and secure hosting Thanks for good service!
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Excellent service provider! recommend
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Thank you for hosting the site and excellent service

Thanks for hosting the site and excellent service
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The most recommended!

The most recommended! A good company that knows how to give quality at an affordable price!

You've come this far, shall we treat ourselves to a present?

We have created a digital book for you So that you have the tools and knowledge how to develop websites in WordPress The book includes 70 pages of free material and information!​

Questions and Answers

To open a ticket for our support team, we have created a customer area where you can easily click on opening a request, or a link to a personal area. 

In addition, there is WhatsApp, a link for WhatsApp support .

You can also contact us by answering the phone through the number –  03-3741928

WordPress is a powerful and flexible content management system (CMS), which provides the tools required to build and manage a professional website for your business.

Here are some of the ways in which WordPress can contribute to the success of your business:

  1. Flexibility and customization:  With a huge pool of templates and plugins, WordPress allows you to adapt the site to your brand identity and the specific needs of your business.

  2. Accessibility and ease of use:  The management interface of WordPress is simple and intuitive, which allows even those who have no prior technical knowledge to manage the site easily.

  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  WordPress provides a variety of tools and plugins to improve your website’s visibility in search engines, which can help potential customers find your business more easily.

  4. Tools for growth and expansion:  As your business grows, WordPress makes it easy to add new functionality, such as online stores, forums, or galleries.

Choosing WordPress as a platform for your business website, combined with high-quality and fast storage on virtual servers, guarantees a strong technological base, maximum flexibility, and an opportunity to grow and develop without limits.

We at Joy Digital understand the importance of independent learning and provide a variety of resources to help you become professional in WordPress:

  1. E-book as a gift:  as part  of signing up for our newsletter,  you receive content on website development and hosting, but not only that, you also receive an e-book with a volume of 70 pages, which contains rich and detailed information about WordPress. The book covers the basics and progresses through more advanced tips, practical exercises, and strategies for managing a successful website.

  2. Digital course:  For those interested in going one step further, we offer a digital course at a cost of only NIS 297, or NIS 99 for three payments. The course offers training on using and installing WordPress, installing website templates, plugins, optimization to speed up the website, protecting the website from security attacks, and more. This is an excellent opportunity to learn at your own pace and obtain all the knowledge and tools required for success.  Link to the digital course

 We are here to take you one step further to make your website professional, attractive and customized to your business needs.


At Joy Digital, we do much more than just offer hosting for WordPress websites. Although, the core of our service is to provide high-quality, fast and reliable storage on virtual servers for WordPress websites, but our journey with our customers does not end there.

What sets us apart:

  1. In-depth support and training:  we believe that your success is our success. Therefore, it is important to us not only to provide you with virtual servers but also to give you the knowledge and tools necessary to build, operate and manage your next WordPress site. We do this through resources such as an e-book, contents, and articles as a gift, in addition to that we also created a digital course at a low cost (297 NIS or 99 NIS in 3 payments) so that anyone can afford to start and build websites, all of this provides rich and in-depth knowledge in all Regarding WordPress.

  2. Personal and tailored service:  we understand that every business is a world in its own right, with unique needs and requirements. Therefore, we offer a personalized and tailored approach, taking into account the specific needs of each client regarding the storage and management of their website.

  3. A supportive community:  We invite all our customers to be part of a community, a community that connects through a WhatsApp group, webinars, and other ways that enable collaboration, joint learning and mutual support.

In short, Joy Digital’s goal is to bring you success through a professional WordPress website hosting service, support, and imparting knowledge. We are here to guide you on the way to setting up your next WordPress website.

We use modern and secure technology – CloudLinux
as well as in the following configuration: LightSpeed ​​+ Nginx + Apache

On top of the AWS cloud, in the picture below you can see why Amazon’s servers are leading and are in first place in the field of cloud infrastructure.


Of course we can. When you buy a hosting plan for one year, you get a free site transfer.

Leave a request with the access details to the previous storage and we will take care of the rest – to open a request .

We have created an excellent solution where you can use our subdomain and start developing the site immediately! 

In terms of a new domain, the process takes about 2 business days.

But there’s nothing to wait, you can start building the site and at the end duplicate it with one click to the domain you chose.

How do you do that?

After choosing the most suitable package, go to the screen where there is the domains option, choose “Use a temporary Joy Digital subdomain to start working immediately” confirm the process and start developing without waiting time.

You can click to play the video 


Applications that can be installed with one click with JoyDigital's servers

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