Selecting a Hosting Provider and Register a domain

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    Web hosting is a foundational part of any website. Choosing the hosting company and plan that are right for your site can take some careful consideration. Not all hosts are created equal, and you’ll want to make sure you’re getting all the features you’ll need. 

    What Web Hosting is and Why You Need It?

    Regardless of whether this is your first or 50th website, it’s crucial to understand specifically what it is you’re getting when you buy a hosting plan. Essentially, your web host provides a place for you to store all of your website’s essential files and data. Plus, it takes care of delivering that data to the people who visit your site through their browsers.
    Here are the 3 types of hosting :-

    1.Shared Hosting
    2.VPS Hosting
    3.WordPress Hosting

    Shared Hostings

    Shared hosting is the most basic type of web hosting. It’s cost-effective and the best choice for small or entry-level websites.

    As the name implies, websites using shared hosting will be sharing resources with other websites on a single server. This works well because the vast majority of websites don’t need a whole server of their own.

    Vps Hosting

    VPS stands for “virtual private server.” This hosting type is a step above shared web hosting. When a website outgrows their shared plan, it’s common for owners to upgrade to a VPS.

    With a virtual private server, your website will still be sharing a single server with other websites. However, the number of websites you’ll be sharing it with is significantly lower.

    WordPress Hosting

    WordPress hosting optimizes for WordPress as your content management system.

    You’ll see two different types of WordPress hosting offered by providers.

    • Shared WordPress hosting
    • Managed WordPress hosting

    Shared WordPress hosting works the same way as regular shared hosting, except WordPress might be pre-installed.

    Managed WordPress hosting provides added benefits like enhanced security, server caching, staging, and faster loading speeds.

    How to Purchase Shared Hosting Plans with Joydigital?

    In order to create a website, you would need to purchase a hosting account!

    For starters, the best choice would be to get one of our Shared hosting packages.

    go to our services in menu and click on this and then click on  shared hosting for starter plans.

    Choose your Plan

    You’ll need to click on select to choose the plan that you like and continue to the next step.
    In this step you need to check availability of domain.

    Domain Availability

     Click  on continue  and go to  cart.


    Click on continue and confirm your domain .

    Confirm Domain

    Confirm domain and go to checkout

    Fill payment details
    Complete order and login in your dashboard
    Click on my services and login your cpanel

    Go to your cpanel and enjoy our services.

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